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The EIZO DuraVision FDS1901 is a 19" monitor for security and surveillance. It features analog D-Sub 15-pin and composite (BNC) inputs for connecting to PCs and video surveillance equipment.

Reliable Delivery and Long-Term Product Support

EIZO develops, manufactures, and quality control tests its own products to ensure it can tailor them to the needs of a particular market such as security and surveillance. With a wide scope of visual display products for both corporate and specialty markets, EIZO has a strong relationship with suppliers that allow it to provide timely, reliable delivery and long-term product support.

PC and Video Inputs

A D-sub analog input is included for connecting to PCs. A composite (BNC) input supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM and is included for connecting to video surveillance equipment such as closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and security cameras. To reduce noise (flicker), the composite input has a 3-dimensional Y/C separation circuit for NTSC signals which separates the brightness signal (Y) from the color information signal (C).

PC and Video Inputs

Underscan and Normal Display

Both underscan and normal display settings are available. Underscan shows 100% of an image and is ideal for watching video. Normal display about 95% of the image – eliminating extraneous TV broadcasting data that sometimes appears at the edge of the screen.

Underscan and Normal Display

24-Hour Use, 2-Year Warranty

The DuraVision FDS1901 offers long-term reliability; it is built for 24-hours use and is backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Versatile Positioning

Position the screen wherever you like with 100 mm height adjustment, 30° tilt, and 70° swivel, and 90° pivot for portrait mode. The power supply is built in, so there is no separate power brick or cord. Compliance with VESA standards means the panel can be removed from the stand and placed on a movable arm or wall bracket.

Clear View from Below

In environments where the monitor is placed above eye level and the user must look up to see the screen, the DuraVision FDS1901 includes an "Up View" function which minimizes washing out of colors that may occur when viewing an LCD screen from below.

Clear View from Below

Three Preset Modes

Light, Dark, and Dynamic preset modes are included. Light and Dark modes are ideal for use in bright and dim ambient environments respectively. Dynamic mode brings out the contrast among darker tones for better recognition of detail when the monitor is displaying content from dimly lit environments.

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Ecran DuraVision FDS1901

Ecran DuraVision FDS1901

  • Taille :19"
  • Couleur : Noir

Moniteur 19", le DuraVision FDS1901 dispose d'une résolution de 1280 X 1024. Finition soignée, riche connectivité et dalles et composants de premier choix en font des incontournables d'un environnement industriel.